A true transformation from a student to a teacher.


Most Yoga institutes and schools offer Level 1 and 2 Teacher Training Courses, which usually take place over a short period of time. There is a void for practitioners who wish to grow in their practice, consistently advance over a larger span. Shikshaka Sadhana, the most intense program amongst all of those offered by Indea Yoga, was created by Bharath Sir with the intention to see students and teachers progress over the years.

Scheduled once a year, participating in three Shikshaka Sadhanas makes you a Level 3 Indea Yoga Teacher. Indea Yoga offers upto Level 4 and Level 5 certifications, each based on 3 years of attendance in Shikshaka Sadhana. The hours put into Shikshaka Sadhana count as Yoga Alliance Practice Hours.

The intention is also to allow teachers, teaching for the whole year round, to get in touch with their own practice. To refresh their knowledge of yoga, as well as share their experiences and questions with like-minded practitioners and teachers.

Morning Asana Practice (Mysore Style) :

Students are free to choose between the Hatha and Ashtanga Style of Practice. Depending upon the level of practice they can choose between the Preparatory Sequence, Hatha Foundation Sequence, Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series or the Intermediate Series.

Pranayama Sadhana:

The course includes an intense practice of pranyamas taught during the Level 1 & 2 TTCs.

Bandhas and Mudras Meditation:

The practice of Meditation with the use of Bandhas and Mudras is continued, as from Level 2.

Philosophy and Chanting:

The Raja Yoga Philosophy and Bhavgad Gita Shlokas will be refreshed.

Shat Kriyas:

The practice of all the main kriyas from Jala and Sutra Neti, Trataka, Nauli, Vamana Dhauti and Shanka Prakshalana will take place.

Evening Led Classes

Bharath Sir will be leading the evening practice.

Discussions on Anatomy with Dr. Anup Krishna

Special discourses on Anatomy will take place with Dr. Anup, wherein students can clear their doubts related to the subject or discuss any problems they might have faced while teaching.

Level 1 and 2 from Indea Yoga are a must for anyone who wishes to participate in Shikshaka Sadhana.

21 Days, (including weekends). We also insist on a complete digital detox during this period. All electronic gadgets are to be handed over.

July 2021 : 1st – 21st

Register and book your seat by paying an advance of INR 29,000 /-