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Additional Information

* Before registration students must ensure that they meet minimum prerequisites for the applied course.

* Students are responsible for travel and accommodation arrangements.

* IndeaYoga reserves the rights to refuse admission to trainings, workshops or retreats.

* Discuss the course you are interested in before registration.

* Course Fee to be paid at the time of registration before course starts.

* Course Fee once paid will neither be refunded nor be transferred under any circumstances.

* Please join the course only if you are really interested and belief in the system of IndeaYoga.

* Mandatory Dress Code – Moderate.

* Maintain Silence in the institution premises.

* A decent and dignified behavior is expected from all students. Once inside the premises, loud speaking, hugging your partner, speaking indecent words and the practice of other systems are strictly prohibited.

* Be Regular & Punctual. Follow the class timings precisely. Delay of more than two classes in a month will lead to their dismissal.

* In case you are unable to attend your class, please inform us well in advance.

* No any kind of disobedience is allowed.

* All doubts, questions, complaints, suggestions etc. should be discussed with teacher in a polite way at an appropriate time.

* Do not talk during the class. Leave the practice room within 5 minutes after finishing your class.

* Please do not touch your teacher for any reason or use their belongings in any way.

* Respect your teacher & course mates during & after the class.

* Student must ensure the protection of IndeaYoga’s copyrights.

* Student shall neither distribute nor permit a third party to copy or distribute any of IndeaYoga’s Training materials.

* Student is not authorized to re-sell seats of a IndeaYoga’s Training Program’s.

* IndeaYoga reserves the right to disconnect student who permit access to unregistered students.

* IndeaYoga assumes no responsibilities for losses from nonrefundable travel arrangement resulting from denial of a student’s participation due to any reason.

* Duplicate copy of RYT Certificate will cost $100 with a request letter.

* If I am not abiding by these terms, the Director of IndeaYoga reserves the right to take action. I am happy & understood. By clicking Submit you agree our Terms and Condition