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Daily yoga for beginners – PART 2

This sequence is for you if:

1. If you are a beginner in yoga and looking for the correct way of practicing yoga for healthy body and mind.
2. If you want to release the stiffness or pain from the neck, back, or shoulders.
3. If you are new to yoga but want to work on losing some kilos (yoga for weight loss).
3. If you are looking to build up your yoga practice from the scratch.
4. If you are tired of back pains and our looking for alternate ways to heal and cure it.
5. If you have digestion related issues and wish to get relief.

What to expect from this sequence and how to prepare?
  • The Indea Yoga legacy sequence is going to help you to inculcate strength in the body and eventually the mind. These easy yoga exercises release the stiffness from the muscles, giving you more mobility for day to day activities.
  • Not just that, this sequence also aims to make the breath smoother, and ease the flow of thoughts, but that’s only with a regular and consistent practice.
  • When you try this sequence, make sure you are on an empty stomach, in a spacious room, comfortable clothes, and an empty mind.
  • If you are practicing Yoga for the first time, do not aim at doing everything in the first go. Give yourself the time to get used to the sequence and gradually build the count. It is also advised to do the part 1 of this series first. It is the most simple and best yoga to relieve stress.
  • Ensure to breathe naturally at all times unless otherwise specified.

Remember, when we work strongly and consistently – we grow.

All the best, and let us know in comments how you felt after completing the practice. 

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