How to overcome physical limitations – Live healthy

Lifestyle modification STEP 1:
Sleep well, eat right, exercise daily.

Deja Vu? Cliché? A lot of people must have told you all of these before. But tell me, have you really tried it consistently for 21 days? If not, then you have not experience the power of discipline and regularity. Your body is powerful. All it needs is ATTENTION in the form of rest, food, space(time), and consistency.

But how to change my life, you may ask.

Try this for 21 days:

1. Stop using your phone/gadgets 30 min before going to bed. (read a book instead)
2. Avoid using your gadgets 30 min After waking up (make a mental note of your thoughts instead)
3. Eat at fixed times and eat similar portions everyday (the body learns your eating habits. e.g. heavy breakfast, light supper everyday)
4. (You’ve been avoiding this one for long now) Exercise. Or do yoga.

We have one word for it: PRACTICE. This practice is not aimed at sculpting or curing, it is aimed at building your mind and body power, rest everything is just a bi-product.

I hope I do not need to elaborate much on these simple yet powerful techniques to overcome physical limitations. Remember, only exercise, only rest, or only diet can never bring the best output. It needs to be a blend of all of the parts. Its Step 1. Do it with persistence and perseverance and you will discover the next step (STEP2) on your own. If not, We will be back with more insights.

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