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What is mysore style yoga class

Most of us are accustomed to practicing a lot of asanas all at once & in an instructor led yoga class, asanas are given one by one in a sequential order. Mysore style yoga class format of teaching is ideal when most of the practitioners in the class are aware of the correct technique of mounting, staying in the posture and dismounting from the posture.
However, if the class is a mix of new and experienced students, or consists of those who have physical challenges, this regular format of class does not allow for personalised attention. While the intent is to help all students, the challenge that arises is that of time available for the instructor to correct and guide every practitioner. The lack of personal attention may lead to a practitioner feeling left out and not able to keep up with the class or adopt the wrong technique of practice or in an extreme case, a niggling injury. On the other hand advanced practitioners who intend to grow in their practice might not get the desired knowledge & results.
The ‘Mysore Style’ of practice is a personalised way of guiding a student in their yoga journey. It derives its name from the southern city of Mysuru (previously known as mysore) in India, where it originates from.
Mysore Style classes build your self-practice. While you may still chose to attend group classes, you will be able to practice in a technically correct manner at home, independent of an instructor.

At Indea Yoga mysore style classes are conducted for yoga therapy, Hatha yoga,  (Beginner series, Preparatory series, Foundation series, Intermediate series, Advanced series)  Ashtanga vinyasa ( Primary series, Intermediate series, Advanced series) 


  • Prior to starting the Mysore Style yoga classes, the student discusses their focus or improvement area with the instructor.
  • Basis the students’ focus and development area, a customised sequence of asanas are given to the student for practice.
  • Students practice their individual sequence of asanas at their own pace.
  • The teacher assists each student individually by giving physical adjustments and verbal instructions as they observe the practice.
  • Thus, these are not the typical instructor led classes that are regularly conducted at fitness/yoga centres.
  • Multiple students with different backgrounds, proficiency levels and needs practice their custom asana sequences side by side.
  • Hence, beginners to yoga, those with health issues, experienced students looking to deepen their practice, senior citizens all practice their individual routines together.
  • Once comfortable with the routine, the student is ready to self-practice at home or in a group class.
  • Mysore Style classes compliment and do not compete With ‘Led’ yoga classes .
Mysore style personalised yoga classes.

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Mysore style yoga classes
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