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Indea is combination of two words In = refers to inner in English Dea = is light in Sanskrit When put together Indea means inner light Yoga personifies the journey of moving from external darkness to inner light. This inner light guides us during our arduous journey through life. The inner light brightens all aspects of life, driving away darkness (of ignorance) and usher in the light (of knowledge). IndeaYoga was founded with the philosophy to activate each practitioners inner light and enable him/her to lead life mindfully. To do this, Yogacharya designed series of practices to bring about coordination between body, breath and mind.
IndeaYoga is affiliated to Yoga Alliance and is one of the oldest Yoga Alliance (USA) accredited schools in India. We are accredited RYS 200, RYS 300 and RYS 500.
The courses at IndeaYoga is mentioned below. Please visit website for course details. Mysore Style classes has 3 variants Hatha Yoga Ashtanga Yoga Therapeutic yoga Teacher Training Courses has 2 variants Hatha Yoga Ashtanga Yoga We also organize classes in Patanjali Yoga Sutra and Yoga Philosophy.
Hatha yoga is the classical version of yoga. It is steady, slow and deliberate. If you are looking to perfect each yoga pose, learn about alignments and the geometry of your body, Hatha yoga is for you. If, on the other hand, you are seeking a dynamic form of practice that gives strength and stamina, Ashtanga Vinyasa is for you.
Any student from the age of 12 years who is passionate about learning yoga are welcome to enrol at IndeaYoga. We at IndeaYoga take a holistic approach while assessing each student and will then recommend a yoga practice to address the specific need of the person keeping in mind the age, experience, fitness and health condition. The duration of the course is 4 weeks.
Depending on your interest and progress, you can enroll for the intermediate or advance level. Please seek guidance from your teacher.
Few general tips to help you begin your practice. However, it is your responsibility to clarify and seek guidance specific to your condition during registration. You are advised not to miss class during menstruation (for women) or if you feel sick, tired or sleepy once you start your practice. Instead discuss your condition with the teacher­­­­. It is advisable not to have a heavy meal at least 3 hours before your practice. But liquid (water, juice or tea) can be taken 15-20 minutes before yoga. However, please clarify this during registration. You may have your meal 15 minutes after the practice. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day irrespective of yoga practice as it helps to clean the system. It is okay to shower 15 minutes after the practice. Note: Jewellery should be avoided. Cell phones to be switched off during class.
Therapeutic yoga at IndeaYoga is an alternative way of understanding health problem and helping individuals through the application of yoga techniques and principles. Anyone, with any kind of ailment, seeking an alternative way of healing can register for Therapeutic yoga Mysore style classes.
Teacher Training Course is conducted from 1st to 28th of the month - April to September and November to February. Mysore Style Classes are conducted from 1st to 28th of the month - June to September and November to February. You can register once you decide on the course. Follow the link for registration
The batch size is 19 for both Teachers Training Course and Mysore Style classes.
The Ashtanga Vinyasa is an active and dynamic style of practicing Hatha yoga. It offers a series of poses, each held for five breaths ( one minute) and punctuated by a half sun salutation to keep up the pace. Since it is physically demanding and rigourous, stability in practice and a calm mind are essential to grasp the finer nuances of this practice. Ideal for those looking for a dynamic practice.
The medium of instruction is mainly English. Students can request for instructions in Kannada or Hindi if English is a challenge.
You will be provided with a Training Manual which is designed in an easy comprehensive manner which is simple to adopt and learn. To deepen your knowledge, you will also receive a list of books which are easily available at the bookstores in Mysore.
Since the duration of your course is just 4 weeks each class is important to develop your knowledge and yoga skills. Being absent even for a day will result in you missing out on essential principles hence we encourage you to be regular and punctual. Follow the class timings as delay of more than two classes will lead to dismissal.
Teacher Training Courses - at the end of the course you will be assessed on Teaching Methodology (practical examination of teaching yoga) and on theory. The exams are structured to meet the standards of Yoga Alliance. Mysore Style classes - no exams will be conducted.
Please write to us at info@indeayoga.comfor details regarding course fees.
To register and reserve your spot in the Teacher Training Course and Mysore Style Classes you please follow the link and fill the online Application Form. Post registration follow the link for payment.
Apart from your own travel and daily necessities, your personal medicines, bring your own yoga mat and writing material for all the sessions. Please also carry a valid proof of identification (for Indians), copy of your passport, visa and a passport size photograph. To help you plan your travel, we have provided you with an overview of the weather in Mysore: Summer March till May. The average temperature varies in the range of 22°C to 39°C. Monsoon July to September. Mysore receives an average annual rainfall of 804.2 mm. Winter October to February. The minimum temperature recorded is 10°C.
Teacher Training course is a residential program. The course fee is inclusive of food and accommodation. Mysore Style classes, Students to make their own arrangements for accommodation. Please visit the Resource page on our website for details regarding accommodation. Food and accommodation at YogaDhama can be provided depending on availability. Interested students to check availability and the cost at the time of registration.
There are many restaurants and catered home-cooked meals available in Gokulam at affordable prices. Alternatively, you can choose to cook your own meals if your landlord provides you with that option.
The closest international airport to Mysore is Bengaluru International Airport. It takes around 3-4 hours of travel to reach Mysore city from the airport. Please the Resource page on our website for airport pick-up facilities.
You may use public transportation facilities. You may also consider booking cabs and autorickshaws through Uber/Ola apps. Or if you wish to be independent, you have the option of hiring two-wheeler vehicles and bicycles.
The classical and a more gentle practice, Hatha Yoga focusses on developing strength and flexibility. Hatha practices are designed to align and calm your body, mind, and spirit in preparation for meditation and thus anyone who leads a rushed, hectic life with little time to pause and reflect will benefit from this practice. Ideal for busy corporate / business executives and all multi-tasking individuals since it corrects body posture alignment, lengthens the breath and hence calms the mind, making one feel more grounded and take better decisions. Beginners, senior citizens, those with injury or looking for therapeutic benefits will greatly benefit by practicing Hatha Yoga regularly since it balances the right and the left side of the body and releases rigidity from the body