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online and offline yoga ttc at indeayoga

Confused between Online Yoga TTC and Offline TTC?

Since COVID entered our lives, every choice- be it shopping for clothes, or even vegetables, has been a choice between online and offline. From these little things to bigger things like taking a yoga teacher training course has also been considered. Especially with a growing awareness of physical and mental health aspects of life, a lot of people are switching careers. There’s a lot of interest shown to learn yoga, and wanting to spread that knowledge to others, to help them lead a better life.

Before we dig deeper into whether you should go for an online or an offline course, let’s first learn what TTC is!

What is Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC):

If you are a regular yoga practitioner, you would probably already know what a yoga teacher training course (TTC) is. Simply put, it is a curated course that trains a regular yoga practitioner to begin their journeys as technically well equipped teachers. The certification allows the students to teach students across the globe

Indea Yoga’s Teacher Training Course typically consists of:

1. Asana practice
2. Pranayama sadhana
3. Technical breakdown of asanas
4. Basic human anatomy
5. Yoga philosophy
6. Chanting

At Indea Yoga, along with these amazing sessions, we also organize question & answer sessions with senior teachers, go on long meditative walks, and a lot more.

What are the available options for your Yoga Teacher Training Course?

These training courses which popularly are offline, because of the experience, dynamics, and energy levels of the crowd, has taken a different turn, all thanks to COVID.

With the growing interest among people to learn and experience yoga, a lot of practitioners are taking these courses to gain deeper knowledge in the field. Because of the new conditions we are living in, almost all the top institutes across the globe have made these courses available online as well, along with their regular offline sessions.

We understand, it’s overwhelming to make this decision, unlike vegetable shopping. So, here’s an attempt to compare both the available options. This is just to help you choose a way to pursue this course, as per your comfort.

Before we go ahead, please remember – its your perception of what works for you and what doesn’t. Please bear in mind the fact that these notes are subjective. What has been mentioned as something you would miss out on, could be something you were actually looking forward to. So, while weighing your options, focus on what your expectation is from the course.



Asana practice


Screen time


Connection with the teacher


Source of Motivation

Shaala Vibe

Online TTC

Recorded and Live sessions

Convenient timings

3 months


Learn on the go


Cost effective



Offline TTC

Live sessions

Fixed schedule

1 month

Gadget free

Yoga Dhama in Mysore


Not too expensive



More about our Offline Yoga TTC Experience-

Learn more about our Online Yoga TTC, Ekalavya

*Course duration and exam schedules are subject to change. Please check the details thoroughly before registering.

Be it online or offline, Indea Yoga has put all its hands on the deck to make this experience equally enjoyable and knowledgeable to all its students. You can learn more about offline courses here, and online courses here. You can check out the testimonials from our students to understand the experience better.

If you are still confused, worry not, do reach out to us, our amazing team will do their best to help you decide what’s best for you <3

Until we see you next time, keep practicing, and stay safe!

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