HI, Welcome to IndeaYoga

During his tenure of over two decades of teaching ashtanga yoga classes and hatha yoga classes, YogacharyaBharathShetty observed that the pursuit of happiness led many to seek instant gratification of the senses. Material display of wealth and obsession with social media has become a quick fix solution to feeling happy in today’s day and age.

With a belief that the problem lay not in the advent of social media or the need for material wealth, Yogacharya Bharath Shetty started conducting ashtanga yoga classes and hatha yoga classes to propagate the need of physical and mental peace and wellbeing. 


At IndeaYoga we invite practitioners to themselves observe that when one develops the patience and determination to practice consistently and regularly, improvements in the physical body are a natural outcome. Through Ashtanga yoga classes and hatha yoga classes we emphasize the importance of overall physical and mental well-being. This desire to see everyone achieve the full benefit of a holistic yogic practice gave birth to the IndeaYoga vision.


IndeaYoga’s vision is ‘Health and Bliss for All’.

  • ‘Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya’ the Shanti Mantra from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad which translates to ‘lead me from darkness to inner light’ is the source of IndeaYoga’s vision.
  • ‘Indea’ is a combination of two words, where ‘In’ refers to inner in English, and ‘Dea’ is light in Sanskrit. When put together, ‘Indea’ means ‘Inner Light’.
  • Yoga personifies the journey of moving from external darkness to inner light. This inner light guides us during our arduous journey through life.
  • The inner light brightens all aspects of life, driving away darkness (of ignorance) and usher in the light (of knowledge).
  • ‘With Presence’ implies ‘being awake’, ‘living mindfully’
  • ‘Being awake means being in the moment; not missing life as we walk through it, being conscious of what is going on inside us, as it happens.
  • Learning to live mindfully with a heart that is open to all life – its pain and pleasures, ups and downs – is how we come to know real peace, happiness and contentment.


  • To teach yoga to all levels, through the coordination of body, breath and mind.
  • To offer tailor-made yoga practices based on Abhyasa, Arogya and Ananda (Practice, Health and Bliss), catering for specific needs of people of all age groups, considering their present health conditions.
  • To establish contemporary IndeaYogashalas across the globe with well-trained Yoga shikshakas (teachers) under the guidance of YogacharyaBharathShetty.
  • To provide continuous support to all Yoga shikshakas and IndeaYogashalas across the globe by ensuring that their learning, technique and practice is up-to-date, in addition to providing guidance on how to maintain ideal IndeaYogashala ambience.
  • IndeaYoga’s belief in practicing yoga ‘with presence’ is founded with the philosophy of activating the practitioner’s inner light that enables him/her to lead a mindful life.
  • To do this, Yogacharya designed a series of practices to bring about coordination between body, breath and mind.


  • IndeaYoga will admit all without discrimination.
  • IndeaYoga will take a holistic approach in assessing each student and teach a yoga practice that is individually tailored for each student, taking account of any specific conditions.
  • IndeaYoga will make the practice of Yoga a pleasant experience, emphasizing the motto ‘Nahathath, Nabhalath’ (No Force, No Pressure).