Nurture yourself

Daily online yoga classes

Regular Practice of kriya, asana pranayama and relaxations without the fear of injury.

In this ever changing & fast-moving world, there is constant load on the mind but very less on the physical body.
Yoga is the perfect solution to reduce the mental stress & include moderate physical activity. It not only keeps you in shape, lose weight & gain strength , but keeps you mentally and physiologically healthy.

Key Highights


Beginner to Intermediate

Dates & Timings

Oct 11th to 29th (15 sessions / 19 hrs)
Nov 1st to 26th (20 sessions / 25 hrs)

Dec 1st to 28th ( 20 sessions / 25 hrs)

Classes from Monday to Friday

Batch 1 : 6am to 7:15 am
batch 2 : 12:45pm to 2pm
Batch 3 : 6pm to 7:15pm

Fees: Rs. 6,000/- inclusive of tax
Drop-in Rs 499/- inclusive of tax

Online Yoga classes