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Application Process

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Seat Confirmation

To enrol for a course at IndeaYoga, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Please read the philosophy of study, stay and practice at IndeaYoga so that you are both comfortable and aware of your expected experience when you are here.
  • Go through the various course mentioned on the website and identify the one most suited for you.
  • To enrol for the Yoga Teachers Training Course, Mysore Style course or to find out which course is most suited for you along with additional information your stay and study duration at IndeaYoga, please get in touch with us at

Ideal for those who are new to yoga asana practice, people with health issues, those recovering from an injury and senior citizens who have led a sedentary lifestyle.

This set of asanas strengthens the elementary postures and is suitable for everyone. It creates physical awareness and reduces rigidity of the joints and muscles, as well as develops awareness of our breathing pattern.

The Beginner Series prepares the practitioner for the IndeaYoga Preparatory Series.

Please note that you seat is considered confirmed only after the booking deposit has been received by us.

Please send the booking deposit receipt to from your registered email id for an email from our end confirming your seat.

Expectation from students at IndeaYoga

Play With Your Practice

Never strain yourself during practice sessions. Yoga is a way of life, not a competition. Enjoy the process; it should be calming, energising and meditative. Some days you will feel like pushing yourself and on some days you will prefer to do a gentle practice. Listen to your body and respond accordingly.

Do Not Compare

Everyone’s body is different. And how the body and mind has been trained over time means each practitioner will have their own areas of strength and improvement.

Work with the instructor to develop your area of improvement. Don’t compare what someone is able to do on the yoga mat because that will distract you from your purpose and you will not be able to get the full benefit of your four weeks at the shala.

With regular practice, you too will be able to achieve what you desire. Remember, if you hurry, it will become more difficult to get there faster and there is risk of injury.

Focus on Technique, Results are an Outcome

While the human mind always races to achieve the ‘final goal’ in the shortest possible time, it is important to remember that the purpose of the training and of life is to enjoy the process of getting better. Focus on understanding and improving your technique every day, the results will be definitive outcome overtime.


The four weeks are a deep-dive in the process of self-development.

You will need time to rest and re-energise yourself after an intensive training day so aim to have as few distractions like extensive social media usage, frequent outing to the city center etc. as possible.

Relax your mind by spending time in the garden of the shala, interacting with fellow students in the common areas, light reading, music or just sleeping.

Respect the Silence Zones

A teachers training course is akin to yogic sadhana. A quiet and almost meditative environment is essential to reflect and focus inwards. It is for this reason that most parts of the yogashala are designated silence zones.