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Level 1 & 2 Combined Ashtanga Vinyasa Teachers Training Course (RYS 500 hours)

Indeayoga -  Level 1 & 2 Combined Ashtanga Vinyasa Teachers Training Course (RYS 500 hours)

IndeaYoga - Overview Overview

Students have the option of completing Level 1 and Level 2 together at one stretch to get their RYS 500 Teachers Training Certification.

This course runs continuously for two months and the course content is the combination of both the levels individually.

IndeaYoga - Prerequisites Prerequisites

  • Students applying for the RYS 500 hours Teachers Training Certification Course should have a minimum experience of three years for any style of practice.
  • Be able to perform 80% of the Primary Series
  • For greater benefits from your visit to the shala, you may practice under?IndeaYoga certified teachers?available close to your location
  • If this is not the case, you may enrol yourself for the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Guided Self Practice classes, also known as Mysore Style Classes before you start your course in teacher training

IndeaYoga - Course Curriculum Course Curriculum

On successful completion of a theory and practical exam you graduate with IndeaYoga Training (IYT500+) and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500) with Yoga Alliance certificates.

In the end, you are more than just a teacher. You become a yogi in the truest sense.

Type of Course

Residential, with food and accommodation provided

IndeaYoga - Duration Duration

The course duration is 8 weeks.?

The class strength is restricted to 24 students.

Course Dates

  • 1st Nov – 28th December 2019 (Course Full)
  • 1st June to 28th July 2020
  • 1st Sep to Oct 28th 2020


IndeaYoga - Our Teachers Our Teachers

Bharath Shetty

Bharath Shetty

Yogacharya Bharath Shetty is the first yoga teacher in India to be certified as E-RYT 500. He also certified in Childrens Yoga and Prenatal Yoga with YACEP, RCYT and RPYT to from Yoga Alliance.

Having more than 2 decades of yoga teaching experience, he has trained more than 1000 teachers from over 80+ countries.



Mrs. Vidwan Yogashree began her Sanskrit training at a young age at Sanskrit patashala in authentic style. After completing her Masters and Vidwath course in Sanskrit, she has been teaching for over eight years. This immense knowledge enables her to teach both Sanskrit and yoga related texts to yoga practitioners in a simple and easily decipherable style. Yogashree is also a certified yoga instructor’s course from a reputed yoga university.

Yogashree takes the Philosophy, Yoga Sutra, and Chanting sessions for the Teachers Training Batch at Indeayoga.

Ms.Meet Sidhu

Ms.Meet Sidhu

Meet is a trained Yoga Teacher from Indea Yoga and a registered as RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance, USA. She takes pranayama classes for the Teachers Training Batches. She is also one of the lead teacher at Yoga Bharata (sister concern of Indea Yoga), where she takes the Guided Self Practice, Mysore Style Classes, Led classes as well as Ashtanga Vinyasa( Back Bending and Hip Opening) classes.

After teaching for more than 5 years the United States of Amercia, Meet moved to India to impart the knowledge of yoga which she has received from her Guru Yogacharya Bharath Shetty.

IndeaYoga - Gallery Gallery

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IndeaYoga - Testimonials Testimonials

  • Indeayoga - Testimonials quote

    Salma Hafira Sandoval Aguilar

    I am very happy, satisfied and grateful for have found this Yoga School. I had done before 2 previous TTC's which gave me deep understanding of Yoga philosophy, but little clarity on the Asana teaching and practice part. In IndeaYoga I found a great teacher, a great example, Sir Bharath Shetty. He is such a good person, genuinely a caring, enthusiastic, encouraging guide. Practicing with him, was a whole experience that opened new realms of my being and my body. Both lead class, as well as the energy in Mysore Style Class. I learned so much about techniques, alignment, and experiencing the asanas. Also, was able to purify my body through the daily practice of Pranayama and Kriyas. It even helped so much with my discipline, determination and confidence. Now I feel I have a strong base for both my teachings in Ashtanga Vinyasa, as well as in my personal practice. I really recommend anyone who is seeking for a Yoga School, that THIS is the place where you can get the full experience of what a Yoga TT is. Great staff, beautiful place with nice accommodation, delicious food, and the greatest teacher. Thanking Life and God for this beautiful opportunity and experience.

    Indeayoga - Testimonial quote
  • Indeayoga - Testimonials quote

    Meet Sidhu

    I found IndeaYoga almost 2 years ago when I was looking for teacher training programs which were recognised in the US through Yoga Alliance. At present I am RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance and continue to teach Indeayoga style and stay under the guidance of Bharath Shetty sir. My first TTC1 equiped me with strong asana practice which allowed me to freely do self practice and teach the same with ease. TTC1 fully prepared me how to prepare, organise and conduct classes. To top it all having the right attitude, perseverance and discipline are abuntantly role modeled by Bharat sir and his team. TTC2 at IndeaYoga took me deeper into my practise and ignited a zeal towards yoga and life. I started to participate in and enjoy philosopy and anatomy classes . Learning under the careful, non-judgemental eye of Bharath sir, appropriate environment at the shala, diligent team and welcoming smiles are only few reasons I continue to be a student at IndeaYoga. indeayoga team and sir have been accessible and suppotive even after the completion of training in Mysore. I feel fortunate to be able to discuss and ask questions undoubtedly. "Holistically designed teacher training programs, appropriate environment to unfold the changes, caring eye, authentic knowledge, intense practices and warm welcomes are all the reasons I highly recommend IndeaYoga to anyone looking to become a good yoga teacher or just explore themselves."

    Indeayoga - Testimonial quote
  • Indeayoga - Testimonials quote

    Gyan Jorge

    I feel it is a privilege to study and practice with Bharath. I did TTC level 1 in 2009 and level 2 in 2011. Bharath has clearly a deep understanding of the body andits potential through the Asana and Pranayama practice. In each session there is care of correct alignment which importantly prevents injuries and also correct breathing, harmonizing thus body, mind and breath. From the training one can gain a clear knowledge of some very important aspects of teaching yoga, all of this coming from the years of experience of Bharath not only as a teacher but also as a practitioner. Shortly after the first training I strarted teaching groups in India and noticed the effectiveness of the tools shared in our course in Mysore, putting into practice what was learned through my own body. Recently I came back to Mysore for the Level 2 course. Im absolutely grateful for the refreshening and strong practice, absolutely enjoyable. It has definetely taken my practice to a deeper level. I now live and teach yoga in Moscow, and in each class, the gift received in Mysore is appreciated. Thank you always Love

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  • Indeayoga - Testimonials quote

    Yarang Michi

    If you are looking for a journey into learning then Indea yoga is best place to start with, sir has an amazing aura of simplicity, reliability and intensity of knowledge that lighten me.There's nothing more fulfilling then see self growing everyday. I'm forever grateful to Bharath Shetty sir who have planted a seeds of wisdom in me and I'm really looking forward to learn more and more.

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  • Indeayoga - Testimonials quote

    Vikas Shenoy

    Yogacharya Bharath Shetty sir is not only extremely skilled but also very humble and connects very well with all his students. He has made my practice Higher and Deeper by multiple rungs in simple scientific ways. His authority on the subject, his discipline, punctuality, love for his students and the unconditional support is what I want to emulate.

    Indeayoga - Testimonial quote
  • Indeayoga - Testimonials quote

    Arundhati Baitmangalkar

    Once I was back , the first couple of days my head was constantly in the Shala .. Could not stop thinking abt all That we used to do :) my self practice has been going good :) I have managed to make 2 hours a day to practice .. I have even been able to get into the full headstand by myself :) I am very glad for the knowledge tht you passed onto us :) thank you .

    I also have a small group of people willing to learn yoga from me :) so will keep u updated on how thatgoes. I also got a job offer to teach at Pradeep Gowda s studio.. I refused a full time job but agreed to teach as a freelancer at the studio.

    He is also very keen on getting you to his studio and wants to meet with you . Will discuss that when you are back.

    I had a great time at the TTC .. I have come back as a changed many subtle aspects .. So far I am liking the changes.. :) I thank you and your whole team for all that we received. For the first time the impact of what I learnt was felt on a deeper level. I wish I could write to you about all the changes, observations and lessons I learnt in the past month and am still learning but this mail is already long :) I will see u in Mysore sometime when you are back .

    Once again, thank you for everything. It is teachers like you that make learning an enriching experience. Looking forward to being your student again.

    Much gratitude

    Indeayoga - Testimonial quote