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Boby - Breath - Mind

Patanjali Yoga Sutra

Modifying the mind in 5 ways

Posted on - Fri Jan 2017       Patanjali Yoga Sutra / by indeayoga

Yoga Baratha

Modifying the mind in 5 ways

||Vrittayah pancatayah klishta aklishta||5|| The meaning of the Sanskrit words beingvrittayah = modifications of mind;pancatayah = five fold;klishta = little hard, difficult, painful;aklishta = not painful The English meaning of the sloka is-A Modification of mind is fivefold and they are either painful or not painful. Modification of mind is called a vritti. When one sees through the eyes, though it appears the vision is the act of the eyes, it actually is a result of a manifestation of ones own mind. Modification of mind is behind the sight seen by the eyes. The perception, which is usually through the eyes, actually produces...

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