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Patanjali Yoga Sutra

Samadhi : types

Posted on - Fri Jan 2017       Patanjali Yoga Sutra / by indeayoga

Yoga Baratha

Samadhi : types

|Vitarka vichara ananda asmita rupa anugamat samprajnatah||17|| English Meaning: Samprajata yoga constitutes associations respectively with reasoning, reflection, bliss and sense of individuality.   English meaning of Sanskrit Terms: vitarka = reasoning; vichara = reflection; ananda = bliss; asmita = sense of individuality; rupa = appearances, nature, form; anugamat = by association; samprajnatah = samadhi  with prajna This sutra speaks of Samadhi, the Samprajnata Samadhi. State where mental bodies do not function. There is no trace of physical or pranic awareness. Only a level of pure awareness or atmic level, functions.   In Samprajnata Samadhi come all the powers of controlling...

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