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Patanjali Yoga Sutra

Obstacles for the progress in the practice of yoga

Posted on - Fri Jan 2017       Patanjali Yoga Sutra / by indeayoga

Yoga Baratha

Obstacles for the progress in the practice of yoga

||Tatah pratyak chetana adhigamah api antaraya abhavash cha||29|| Meaning: From that (constant repetition and contemplation of Om) consciousness turns inwards and the obstacles are removed.   The English meaning of the Sanskrit terms:  tatah = from that; pratyak = turned in; chetana = consciousness; adhigamah = attainment; api = also; antaraya = of obstacles; abhavash = absence; cha = and   Patanjali teaches Ishwara Pranidhana from Sutra 23 to Sutra 29. He teaches the complete Sadhana for an average person who has unsteady and vacillating mind, has attachments to the lower things of life.   Through these sutras Patanjali reiterates...

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