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Salma Hafira Sandoval Aguilar - Mexico

I am very happy, satisfied and grateful for have found this Yoga School. I had done before 2 previous TTC's which gave me deep understanding of Yoga philosophy, but little clarity on the Asana teaching and practice part. In IndeaYoga I found a great teacher, a great example, Sir Bharath Shetty. He is such a good person, genuinely a caring, enthusiastic, encouraging guide. Practicing with him, was a whole experience that opened new realms of my being and my body. Both lead class, as well as the energy in Mysore Style Class. I learned so much about techniques, alignment, and experiencing the asanas. Also, was able to purify my body through the daily practice of Pranayama and Kriyas. It even helped so much with my discipline, determination and confidence. Now I feel I have a strong base for both my teachings in Ashtanga Vinyasa, as well as in my personal practice. I really recommend anyone who is seeking for a Yoga School, that THIS is the place where you can get the full experience of what a Yoga TT is. Great staff, beautiful place with nice accommodation, delicious food, and the greatest teacher. Thanking Life and God for this beautiful opportunity and experience.

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