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Anonymous - Mexico

I'm still digesting my experience during the course. There are so much. The followings are a small portion of which I can share at this moment. Since my practice is still in the early stage, so primarily I took this course to become my own teacher and doctor so that I can go and live anywhere in the world. 1. My practice has been improved a lot with the holistic understanding of Yoga. Learning not only the technical aspect of asana but also the philosophical aspect of yoga are helping me now. - The knowledge of asana in detail is very important for me as a practitioner so that I will not get injured during the practice. - I now practice each asana with more awareness. - Learning Patanjali's Yoga Sutras cleared all my doubts about Yoga and it became the important part of my spiritual practice. - Before taking the course, I was not familiar with yoga terminology but now I have some understanding. 2. High standard of Indea Yoga Teachers - Every day and every class I learned a lot from Indea Yoga Teachers. Especially their patience and dedication are incredible. 3. Practicing and living together with like-minded students from all walks of life for a month - First, it was challenging, but overall I enjoyed being together. I would like to wish all the participating students the best whatever they choose. Finally, I feel that I have been transformed into a different person after the TTC and my yoga journey has just started. I'm very grateful for what I experienced during the course and I am still digesting it every day. New discoveries may come later. Thanking for Guruji Bharath Sir and his team for their dedication and for giving me this opportunity.

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