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Mohini Binepal

I start my third month of practice next week. And I came for just one! Three key reasons why I love the shala: 1. The incredible amount of focus on technique and not on getting into the final posture. The final posture is a by product. * It makes you self reliant to practice correctly - independently at home too and of course, you will never get injured. 2. The constant reminder of practice with presence and awareness. * It's like a magic wand to forget the hamster life outside and spend some time with yourself , for yourself. 3. The focus on building your practice, slowly and consistently, focussing on stability and mobility - the balance between the left and the right side. * No competition, no force .. Playing with your practice and improving. Call them and ask your questions, they are very helpful in clarifying doubts and addressing queries. And give it a go, atleast for a month. You will only gain out of it .. body, breath and mind co-ordination.

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