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Boby - Breath - Mind


Sowjanya Venkateshappa - India

Learning Yoga from Bharath Sir at Indea Yoga was a transformational experience. First thing you feel is the kindness and warmth of the wonderful teacher When I started on the first day at Indea Yoga, I had multiple issues like knee, shoulder and a tennis elbow – which made most of fitness activities not accessible to me. But yoga practice under the careful monitoring of Bharath Sir, ensured mobility improving each day. I was familiar with yoga for a few years, but learning from Bharath Sir, was connecting to yoga, and to life at another level. The words which I still hear are Bharath Sir’s words “Don’t force your body, just enjoy the postures…just play in the posture”. In addition to the improved fitness, I learnt another way of thinking and living. I am grateful for this experience and would look forward to practice at IndeaYoga whenever I get a chance.

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