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Boby - Breath - Mind


Mariza Smith

Bharath really is an inspiring teacher, when I first came to him, I had done some yoga, but learning with him was, in the beginning more a process of unlearning what I already knew. He takes you right back to the beginning and allows you to understand and really get to know each posture, as it is, he is gentle, but firm and a wonderful teacher.

What always astounded me about Bharath was his intimate understanding of the body, he seems to just get how all the pieces fit together and can adjust any pose or programme to suit your needs and your body. I have spent about 8 months with Bharath in total and I have noticed with all the people that come and go (but more often than not come back again and again or just stay!) that he always seems to end up picking up the pieces of the injuries people have sustained elsewhere, he tackles each case individually, and I cannot tell you how many people have healed themselves through Bharath's practice. Yoga is rife with tales of injuries but I have never seen anyone hurt themselves even mildly, let alone sustain an injury under his watchful supervision.

I was so inspired by Bharath's style that i decided to come back in 2008 for the teacher training, it was an extremely difficult but infinitely rewarding process, the early mornings were horrible! But the level of teaching and information we received was great. I was able to create a strong, solid foundation that has carried me forward to a successful teaching career in London. The process of yoga is never complete, but I believe that a strong base is essential in developing along the path in the right way, the way we are supposed to. Bharath really allowed me to create this base for myself and as both a student and a teacher this is invaluable.

I think Yoga India's strength lies in what it can do for people of all levels; for beginners it really is the best system I have come across to date but for more advanced practitioners it can really open your eyes to the infinite possibilities of asana...for some people it can be easy to find your 'cheat' in yoga, to find that place where you can complete an asana with the least possible effort, but with Bharath there is no cheating! He is aware of everything, every breath, every movement, and his manner and obvious integrity demand that you give your absolute best all of the time. He makes the 'easiest' postures seem like hard work, but somehow makes the hardest ones seem easy!

I came to Bharath as a near beginner and I have progressed into a deep, intense and flowing practice, my daily practice keeps me stable, grounded, clear headed and happy. It has changed my life in so many ways and so far every single change has been positive. Learning yoga has not only allowed me to become a better person it has also helped me to become a better learner, I am more adventurous, more successful in the new things that I try and much, much happier. I could not have had a better teacher along the way than Bharath; he has been supportive, helpful, sharing and kind. Even when I have found the practice difficult, for example during the Teacher Training when I was tired (and hungry!), he always has a way of reassuring me in a way that instantly makes everything seem ok again.

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