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Boby - Breath - Mind


Gyan Jorge

I feel it is a privilege to study and practice with Bharath. I did TTC level 1 in 2009 and level 2 in 2011. Bharath has clearly a deep understanding of the body andits potential through the Asana and Pranayama practice. In each session there is care of correct alignment which importantly prevents injuries and also correct breathing, harmonizing thus body, mind and breath. From the training one can gain a clear knowledge of some very important aspects of teaching yoga, all of this coming from the years of experience of Bharath not only as a teacher but also as a practitioner. Shortly after the first training I strarted teaching groups in India and noticed the effectiveness of the tools shared in our course in Mysore, putting into practice what was learned through my own body. Recently I came back to Mysore for the Level 2 course. Im absolutely grateful for the refreshening and strong practice, absolutely enjoyable. It has definetely taken my practice to a deeper level. I now live and teach yoga in Moscow, and in each class, the gift received in Mysore is appreciated. Thank you always Love

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