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Boby - Breath - Mind


Arundhati Baitmangalkar - United States

Once I was back , the first couple of days my head was constantly in the Shala .. Could not stop thinking abt all That we used to do :) my self practice has been going good :) I have managed to make 2 hours a day to practice .. I have even been able to get into the full headstand by myself :) I am very glad for the knowledge tht you passed onto us :) thank you .

I also have a small group of people willing to learn yoga from me :) so will keep u updated on how thatgoes. I also got a job offer to teach at Pradeep Gowda s studio.. I refused a full time job but agreed to teach as a freelancer at the studio.

He is also very keen on getting you to his studio and wants to meet with you . Will discuss that when you are back.

I had a great time at the TTC .. I have come back as a changed many subtle aspects .. So far I am liking the changes.. :) I thank you and your whole team for all that we received. For the first time the impact of what I learnt was felt on a deeper level. I wish I could write to you about all the changes, observations and lessons I learnt in the past month and am still learning but this mail is already long :) I will see u in Mysore sometime when you are back .

Once again, thank you for everything. It is teachers like you that make learning an enriching experience. Looking forward to being your student again.

Much gratitude

Visited From Directly shard During Her Visit

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