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Boby - Breath - Mind


Silvia Stanziano - Italy

Namaste Sir, How are you? I hope all the best for you and for your beautiful family ! I never wrote you after my stay at Yoga Dhama. I don’t know if I can, often I thought about, and today I decided “I do it!”... because I want say you how mutch I’m grateful for everything. For the TTC but not only. When I come in Mysore I was really scared, first travel alone, a bad English, so many differences between India and Europe... first week was really hard : I didn’t understand lessons and the practice was different from my practice in Italy, where the teacher was following Lino Miele and Pattabhi Jois school. But after something changed... I started feeling good, happy and light! .. the more I studied and practiced the more my fears disappeared. I began to think I had made the right choice, I felt in the right place at the right time. And it was something that I was struggling to find for a few years now. Returning to Italy I realized how everything had changed my vision of life and I decided to start teaching a few hours of yoga, discovering how it fills me with joy! I’m so grateful to you and everyone in the school for teaching me yoga and changing my life!

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