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Boby - Breath - Mind


Deepti Sherawat - India

Wonderful! A special line of appreciation for Nikhil for being seamlessly beautiful with his asana classes he was more than just patient never let classes remain boring never seemed disinterested watched us all sharply and made timely suggestion /correction and kept us all motivated. I am sure it must have been one hell of a challenge to keep people at extremely different level of practice, satisfied must admit you did a great job! Than you much All the best for your future. Bharath Sir, thank you for that 90 minutes of daily power pocked dose that was a mix of technical knowledge galore and extremely motivating. You are a gem of a teacher and an idol. I have trained under multiple teachers in that last 2 years and haven’t been able to surrender completely to even one someone lacked humility, someone was too insecure to share his knowledge/ techniques etc. You are a heady and rare to find combination of all the qualities in one! Thank you for all that you gave us over a period of a month. Hope to learn a lot more from you in the years to come.

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