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Boby - Breath - Mind


Retika Nambiar - India

The whole team welcomes you with a very warm and friendly vibe. Immediately you are made to feel comfortable. The teaching techniques is exactly what I believe in and was looking for, both Bharath sir and Nikhil are amazing. Bharat sir’s energy and enthusiasm cannot be matched and is always consistent. He’s very approachable and is just very ‘real’. The classes were challenging at times but no force was every expressed, which is great. Every student is treated the same and you are not made to feel small or looked down upon. The atmosphere is very conducive and peaceful to learn and also be with yourself and think overall I have achieved more in this one month that I have in a long time not only in terms of flexibility also in terms of balance in my mind. Overcoming certain issues to an improvement in my postures. Thank you for this amazing experience. I will surely be back

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