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Steven - Canada

It's 4:30am and I am sitting down with a cup of chai to write this review before I begin my morning practice. It has been six months since I completed the TTC with Bharath Shetty and his team, one of my most rewarding experiences in recent years. My position is a bit peculiar, which may cause my review to be particularly long. I apologize in advance. I am a member of a software co-operative in Bangalore... a job I enjoy and which I was unlikely to trade in for teaching yoga. I joined the IndeaYoga TTC to learn a new skill which I could apply in daily life and (I hoped) to deepen my meditation postures. I wasn't disappointed in either respect. Before I begin with the flowery language, I should set some context: Bharath and I disagree on many topics. Meditation, business, lifestyle, diet, religion, sexuality, and philosophy all come up in conversation during the TTC and it would be an understatement to say that Bharath's education and belief system does not line up with my own. Strangely enough, this made my time at IndeaYoga all the more enjoyable and my opinion of it all the more honest. It is easy for me to walk into a class, lecture, or seminar with a teacher who shares my views and walk out singing his or her praises... even if the material or instruction was weak. We are easily blinded by our passions, our views, and our certainty. Conversely, instruction at IndeaYoga provided plenty of opportunity for philosophical skepticism. In fact, it was encouraged. "This is just my small observation," you will hear during the instruction. "Observation" is the operative word, here. Again and again, Bharath points out that he, too, is a student. We are taking the course from him because he has been a student for much, much longer than we have. His students are encouraged to try everything for themselves, to experiment. "Don't fight! PLAY with your practice!" you will hear repeatedly during the TTC. There is no dogma within the walls of the IndeaYoga shala. No one there is selling you The One True Yoga™... they are teaching you that no such thing exists. Bharath will express his opinion as the teacher and students are repeatedly encouraged to ask questions, provide feedback, and -- most importantly -- to see for themselves. The stress placed on experimentation and self-practice is dwarfed only by the emphasis placed on safety. Bharath has taught many students who have learned many different styles of yoga and over the decades and he has experimented with many styles himself. He has witnessed countless injuries and recoveries, which cause his teaching style to bring safety to the forefront. Instruction in safety is both explicit and subtle, suffusing every asana, pranayama, kriya, and bandha taught. He encourages each student according to his or her aptitude and experience, and is well aware that only steady progress bears fruit. This is the core of the IndeaYoga teaching, and it is a core I could never disagree with: Be safe and feel every asana. Never stop breathing. Never jump. Never rush. Never force yourself. Listen. Ask questions. Play, experiment, and see for yourself. The course is not easy. It will demand your full attention, 24 hours a day, six days a week, for two or three months. (On many days, a mindful, restful sleep will be as valuable as a strong practice!) Six months on, I can honestly say it was every bit as rewarding as it is challenging. If you read this far into this review, I strongly encourage you to take a course at IndeaYoga. It is a fantastic learning experience for very senior students and stiff computer nerds alike. :) Thank you Bharathji and the team at IndeaYoga. -Steven

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