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Boby - Breath - Mind


Jason Koch - United States

2 years later & I'm still practicing the same routine. I visited Barath school in 2015 & I'm still doing it today with amazing results. When i visited India for the first time, all i knew was I wanted to practice, yoga i had no exp, & no idea where to start. I came across 3 schools & this is how I would describe them, based on my interactions with the other students. KPJ is definitely the most popular & well known for Ashtanga, & my interaction with them was like the private school kids, we mixed well, & went out & did things together, but they were definitely a little more stuck up than us. IndeaYoga, well we were like the public school kids, willing to mingle & mix with all people, happy to include everyone in any events we were doing & were willing to accept with open arms all walks of life, we just wanted to have fun. Mystic School they were like the Montessori kids, they are super friendly & seem very intellectual, but they didn't want to mix with us or anyone else. My time at the school, was the best for me, there was the option of training 2 times per day, with weekends off & this suited my lifestyle. It wasn't the cheapest but it was great for all levels of experience & i learned greatly from the other students as well. You are given a routine, & you practice that same routine everyday, you work at your own pace & the teachers are there to correct & guide you, it was perfect for me.

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