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Prof Nagaraja Rao

Prof.Nagaraja Raois a visiting faculty who teaches philosophy at IndeaYoga. He is a gifted and very natural teacher; he is an expert in the field of Sanskrit where his primary specialty is Panini’s grammar. He was a chief researcher at the Oriental Institute in Mysore, visiting professor to both Chicago University and Jerusalem University, Israel.

In addition to teaching here at IndeaYoga, he has also visited and lectured at yoga courses in Thailand several times. His humble, yet clear and knowledgeable way of teaching has always inspired students.

Archana Shetty

A serious and passionate advanced yoga practitioner and has dedicated her spare time from home to learning and spreading awareness about yoga. Archana is married to Bharath Shetty and has been trained under him. She is experienced in teaching beginners as well as advanced practitioners, and focuses more on back bending and hip opening asanas. She often assists Bharath in Mysore Style classes at the shala and also teaches yoga regularly to pregnant women. Apart from the regular yoga classes she takes the evening kirtan and chanting sessions at IndeaYoga. Archana is also very learned in kriya yoga and assists with the cleansing techniques (including preparing the meal immediately after certain techniques) for IndeaYoga advanced TTC.

Pratima Giridhar

Pratima Giridhar is an Engineering Diploma holder in computer science. Coming from a traditional Hindu family, she was drawn to Yoga at a very young age. She got herself trained at Yoga Shree in Hindu SevaPrathishtana aimed specifically for women & women related problems. She has completed her "Advanced Level Yoga" and a course in "Kundalini Yoga". She did her Teachers Training Course under the direction of Sri Sudesh Chandra. She learnt about the principles of Pranayama in greater detail. All the exposure to yogashe acquired over the years of dedication and hard work was fine-tuned at IndeaYoga under the watchful eyes of YogacharyaBharath Shetty. She is one of the main teachers at Yoga Bharata.

Raghu N D

Raghu is anIndeaYogacertified teacher, presently in charge of Yoga Bharata, a unit of IndeaYoga. Teaching since 2012, he is proficient in coaching intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners, and popular with Children’s Yoga and Pranayama. At Yoga Bharatha, Raghu guides led sessions in Foundation and Vinyasa classes. He also conducts Mysore Style sessions and Pranayama.

Started yoga journey from 2011. He was trained under the guidance of Bharath Shetty and completed Teachers Training Courses by 2012. He was awarded Grade A with title 'Yoga BhushanaPrabodaPatra' in an examination conducted by the Karnataka State Government in 2013.

He has continued to assist Yogacharya Bharath Shetty in workshops conducted at Lions school, RBI, a1000yoga and has been independently promoting and handling summer camps for kids. He has been assisting Yogacharya Bharath Shetty during TTCs. Since 2015, he has been organizing monthly workshops on behalf of Indea Foundation, and has been very successful at it.

. He found his call in Yoga and continues to teach today with complete dedication still considering himself an apprentice and always willing to learn more.


An ardent practitioner of Yoga for the last couple of years with Bharath Shetty, Nikhil is one of our senior teachers with RYT 500 (Yoga Alliance certification) to his credit. He has been assisting Bharath since the completion of the course. He fits into the IndeaYoga team almost to perfection, knowing his qualities of maintaining discipline to the classes and punctuality, just like his master. Nikhil chose this yoga path out of choice after working for over 3 years. One of our senior teachers here at the Shaala.

Bharath Shetty

Yogacharya Bharath Shetty is the first yoga teacher in India to be certified as E-RYT 500. He also has RCYT and RPYT to his credit. Having more than 2 decades of yoga teaching experience, he has trained more than 600 teachers from over 70 countries.


Ms. Vid Yogashree who was born in a very traditional family in the heritage city of Mysore. She began her Sanskrit training at a very young age at Sanskrit patashala in an authentic style. She pursued her Masters and Vidwath course in Sanskrit language she has been teaching at different levels now for over eight years. She is also experienced in training foreign students in basic Sanskrit language and advanced Sanskrit language, its pronunciation, chanting etc. Yogashree has also been learning yoga from a very young age and has done her yoga instructor’s course from a reputed yoga university. The immense knowledge that she has gained enables her to teach both Sanskrit and yoga related texts to yoga practitioners. Yogashree being an Indian classical musician has been conducting bhajan and chanting session which will be truly divine and a real treat.

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